The World of Green Travel

There is no doubt that the topic of green travel has already amassed a large, ever-growing body of information. I have chosen to focus my blog on the practical things an ordinary person can do to engage in environmentally ethical travel practices, specifically in the United States. However, this topic is much broader than that, so I’ve compiled a list of some useful links for exploring some of the different facets of green travel.

If you’re interested in….

…Specific “eco-destinations” or “eco-friendly” tour companies, check out GreenSpot Travel. This blog recounts personal narratives and insights from different travel locations, giving readers valuable insights into places that may seem foreign to them. This blog is part of a larger travel website that provides links to travel destinations such as Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, Mexico, and Iceland. Also, when searching beyond this website, be on the lookout for The Rainforest Alliance logo. This organization reviews travel companies with specific criteria related to sustainable travel.

…Exploring the natural world in adventurous ways check out National Geographic’s Adventure Blog. This blog takes traveling in nature to the extremes of physical activity and wilderness immersion. National Geographic also addresses conservation and responsible tourism within the parameters of this blog. One series of posts that I am especially interested in on this blog is entitled ‘A Year in the Wilderness’ which is about Dave Freedman’s year-long expedition into the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, something he is doing in support of the Save the Boundary Waters Campaign. This campaign is focused on protecting the area from proposed mining in the area.

…The lexicon of green travel, check out this article from The Frog Blog. Run by the Rainforest Alliance, an organization that works to conserve biodiversity and sustainable land use, business, and consumer practices, The Frog Blog addresses many different environmental issues, so it’s a great blog from a reputable organization that provides further reading on the broader issues in environmentalism. This article specifically does a great job of addressing the ambiguity in words and phrases like “sustainable”, “eco-travel”, and “green tourism,” and opening the conversation to commenters to add in their own thoughts and definitions of sustainable travel.

…The ethics of travel in environmental and social dimensions, Ethical Traveler is the place to visit. The motto of this website is “empowering travelers to change the world”. The site is a great place to start gaining general information about the ethics of travel and it’s a good a springboard for planning your own trip. A helpful part of this sight is the list—“The World’s Ten Best Ethical Destinations—2015”. If you want to seriously plan a trip or just explore the possibilities, this website will be more than helpful.

Lastly, a post that helped me orient myself in this broad conversation is “Top Bloggers Talk Sustainable Travel” from The answers provided from different travel bloggers showcase all the different issues that play into what makes travel “sustainable”, especially on a global scale.


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