The Destination

During my senior year of college, I spent a semester learning and living in the absolutely breathtaking town of Kaikoura, New Zealand, with the Creation Care Study Program. I lived with a group of eighteen students and staff in an intentionally environmentally-responsible community where we reduced, reused, and recycled on a daily basis. We kept gardens and chickens, composted and recycled like crazy, and fell in love with the world around us. Granted, that’s not hard to do when you live a mere mile from both the Pacific Ocean and snow-capped mountain peaks. Despite the fact that this semester abroad sent me soaring from the Iowa cornfields, across oceans, to a destination as far away from home as I could imagine, the months I spent their recharged my passion for place and my commitment to home-making. 

I recently dove into a creative writing project which allowed me to reflect on what it means to know a place intimately, and to love it. I’m the sort of person who develops deep relationships with places, and my affinity for a home ground is what stokes my passion for environmental protection. I see the Earth as home. I love it. That’s what inspires me to care for it.


I’m expanding my blog in order to explore not only green travel, but green living. 

Let’s share this next step of the journey together and find our way back home.